North Carolina World Trade Association - Triad chapter is dedicated to serving those with an interest in world commerce.  Our mission is to promote growth of trade between North Carolina and the world by providing education and networking opportunities.  NCWTA is an advocacy group for our region helping companies engaged in exporting, importing, and supporting global trade activities. We also help local companies new to international business. 

Attention Exporters:  Tap the 93% outside USA!

May 21st

The benefits, hurdles and logistics of going global and growing globally.

Kernersville NC 

Cost:  Free

It is a 3:30 start with registration/check-in starting at 3:00. To be held at:

                                             Paddison Memorial Branch (Kernersville Library Auditorium)

248 Harmon Lane

Kernersville, NC

Patrick Weaver – First National Bank (FNB) 

                  Why go global?

                  How to get started/ expand – services available

                  How to get paid – cash, terms, currency

                  Risk – Product, Political, Commercial, Financial


Mike Seibert – Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC)

    • Where does my business need to be financially to support international sales?

    • Where do I go for help with financial analysis?

    • How is costing and pricing different for international customers?   


 Steve Posson – Epes Logistics Services, Inc. International Division 

                 How to use local freight forwarder for international logistics

                 Forwarding relationship protects your business interest

                 Documentation controls delivery process

                 Agreement of buyer and seller @ INCO terms explained.


And Coming Soon

International Trade and Compliance Seminar

Hot Topics for both importers/exporters

How changes are affecting small, medium, large businesses, service providers and the consumer

 Your Triad Chapter of NCWTA will continue with programs to help importers stay current with latest information in our fast changing environments of trade and compliance.  We welcome your membership and input!


Attorneys at Law Myron Barlow and Don Luther join us from Washington DC area Firm Barlow &Co, LLC, with a timely follow up about very latest updates on import compliance.

 Customs enforcement updates

- What is Customs targeting for US imports?

- Intellectual Property Rights best practices for both importers and IP owners

- Strategies for reducing liabilities in customs enforcement actions

Section 301 duties on Chinese imported products

Opportunities for avoiding additional duties in the present 301 action

USMCA (US, Mexico, Canada Free Trade Agreement) vs NAFTA

- What has changed?


Location:  Next event in Greensboro coming soon


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