Free Online advertising – Learn how to win with right internet marketing services

Types of Internet marketing services offered: Internet marketing is the process of boosting a business through the Internet, utilizing tools that assist in driving sales, traffic, and leads. This internet marketing company Phoenix Arizona understands how the promoting a brand or product through the use of various forms of online platforms is the way to have big time success. Here are some type of internet marketing services that can have fast results.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also referred to as referral marketing – is a form of online marketing where those who promote your products or services rewarded for converting traffic they send to your web store or company site. The affiliate is paid in commission, depending on the marketing objective of the company—an example of affiliate payment.

  • Pay per Sale: This method is based on commission after a consumer makes a purchase. Most companies prefer this type of marketing.
  • Pay per Lead: The affiliate convinces the customer to visit the site and perform an action such as filling the form, signing up, or subscribing.
  • Pay per Click: The affiliate is paid depending on the traffic increase towards the company site.

Social Media

Social media marketing is the use of an online platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or websites to promote a product. Social media marketing is the process of generating content that are customized according to the campaign carried out, to be shared on social media platform in order to drive traffic and user interactions.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel describes the individual stages of a sales process and enables the measurement of qualitative critical figures from the first customer contact to conversion into paying customers.

A Sales Funnel uses the resources available to structure existing marketing and sales processes effectively. The sales funnel reflects the purchasing process and dividing into a series of steps, in which many potential customers approach a product, then only a few arrive at the end of the path (the funnel).

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is online marketing aimed at improving the ranking of a site or web page in search results engines. The listings that appear in the search after the first paid ads. To be ranked on the first page of the search results, three principles need to be observed.

  • Keyword: The phrases and terms used to outline the type of business hence making it easier to generation of leads.
  • Domain: It is a way of managing customers to a certain location on the Internet. The domain name assist in marketing the company; therefore, established on keyword or brand chosen.
  • Mobile search: Since mobile web is growing rapidly than the desktop-based Internet, a company should always be ahead of the game.

Landing page

They are the lead capture pages that focused on collecting relevant information from users. The idea is that on landing pages, you offer valuable content or material, and in return, the most interested visitors leave their contact information, which becomes leads.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of content (text, images, multimedia) that adds value to the audience. The content marketing strategy provides engagement to a targeted group of viewers through the use of published content. Content marketing can be done through sponsored posts, video reviews, or text. The advantage is that a business can get direct feedback from the audiences and helps in creating brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is used to build relationships between businesses or businesses and customers. There are different ways of how an email act as a channel for internet marketing. You can create a mailing list by posting subscription forms and lead magnets on your website or blog.

Inbound marketing is about helping people find your business easily over the Internet, rather than trying to find them using traditional marketing and advertising techniques. Your site is the gateway to your business.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing includes the multi-channel marketing activities intended to reach the public directly on a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. It makes use of tools such as Responsive Websites (optimized for mobile browsing), GPS location, SMS, social media, and apps. It is a fundamental practice for a successful marketing strategy


Influence marketing calls for partnership with influencers such as celebrities, influential figures, experts, who already have followers. They boost the product or services to their audience on their platforms and give recommendations.